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  • Pacific Home Decor was formed in 1998 in Dalian, China. Historically, our activity was centered in manufacturing. Today, we are a platform company, with strong product design and development. Our strong advantage is sourcing from South and North of China. We work with over 20 manufacturers and supply customers on 4 continents. Our company policy, “service, delivery, creativity” ensures that our more than 20 customers are kept satisfied.

  • We are specialists in decorative shelves, moldings, wall planking, glass shelves, craft products, furniture and furniture components.

  • Our staff are fully bilingual in English and Chinese, we bring a wealthy of experience. We know and understand customers’ business.

  • History shapes the future. Our history of superiors supply gives us a well-defined profile in the eyes of the marketplace, and assures future customers that we are a strong and reliable partner.
    Our company policy is based on “High Efficiency and Long term relationships.”

ISO9001:2000 Certificate # CN06/01863

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